Too Much Sitting Just Isn’t Good for You in Santa Monica

Too Much Sitting Just Isn’t Good for You in Santa Monica

the sitting epidemic back pain neck pain

Excessive sitting and other low energy activities that involve sitting have been found to be associated with neck pain, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS), and increased risk of anxiety and depression. Activities including watching TV, working at a computer, driving, and playing electronic games, are typical sedentary behaviors.

Many studies have shown that sedentary behavior is associated with physical health problems like obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteopenia and osteoporosis. Higher incidence of neck pain, back pain, carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS), and other spinal pain and body pain has also been found to correlate with excessively sedentary lifestyles. Additionally, recent research found links relating sedentary behavior and poor mental health.

Office workers, who tend to sit for extended periods throughout the day, tend to experience:

  • 33% more headaches
  • 30% more back pain
  • 20% more muscle pain
  • 17% more neck pain
  • 9% more Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • 9% more upper back pain

than those with more active jobs or lifestyles.

One thing that can help if you must sit for extended period is proper ergonomics. Adapting your equipment and surroundings to support healthy posture will help to mitigate the negative effects of excessive sitting. The key is to keep your body in a neutral position. The graphic below represents ideal ergonomics and body posture in the seated position.

Unfortunately, prolonged sitting may just be a fact of life for you. If that is the case, try paying attention to some of these things.

  • Sit up against the back of the chair
  • Have 1”-2” between the end of the chair and your knees
  • Use a lower back cushion if your chair does not support you well
  • Move close enough to the desk so you don’t lean forward
  • Get checked by your chiropractor for possible spinal subluxation and posture problems

Remember, keeping your spine and nervous system mobile, stable, and level is the very best thing you can do to ensure the best chance at a long, healthy and vibrant life!


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